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Towels are very important for the front of house OR the back of house at a restaurant.  Whether you need to clean something up, wipe off your hands or wipe down a table so you can reseat it.  I personally hang a towel from my belt loop so I can always make sure my hands are dry and clean. THUS today’s Word of the Día is TOALLA. (pronounced TWEYE-ya)

 It means TOWEL.

With your Busser:

“¿Hay mas toallas limpias?”

“Are there anymore towels clean?”

With your guests:

“El baño tiene toallas de papel dentro”

“The bathroom has paper towels inside.”



In Food, helpful phrases, helpful words on July 6, 2010 at 7:00 pm

The menu at our restaurant is VERY limited when it comes to breakfast during the week.  Brunch is a whole ‘nother story.  During the week though, guests often ask what we DO have for breakfast and while it’s only two items, I try and sell the hell out of them!  Today’s word of the día is DESAYUNO. (pronounced day-cy-YOU-no) It means BREAKFAST.

With your customers:

“Para el desayuno, tenemos solamente…”

“For breakfast, we only have…”


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Today’s word of of the say is: “ALADO” pronounced: ah-LAH-tho.  It means: ON THE SIDE!

If you were talking to your kitchen, you would use it in a sentence like this:

“Para mesa veinticuatro, necesito mayonesa alado por favor!”

(For table 24, I need the mayonnaise on the side, please!)

You can even use it with your guests:

“Quiere Ranch, alado?”

(Do you want Ranch on the side?)

The easiest way I remember this word is by saying the Spanish word for Ice Cream Helado (pronouced ee-LAH-tho) then I just say AH instead!